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We are a venture builder, focused on high impact investments, our goal is to invest in capable people and innovative startups, that somehow aim to positively improve the world we live in.

Our vision

What's your
Your everest is nothing more than your purpose. What brings meaning for everything we do. Lives have no meaning without a purpose. Business has no meaning without a purpose.


Most of us spend our entire life without knowing why we are here, our mission.

Based on this comprehension that we, SuperJobs, defined our purpose:

Help people and business to prospor in this new world, new economy; in an organic, engaged and transparent way. Worried not only with producing tangible value, but also, intangible.

Nothing is more organic in business than understanding human behavior, people's needs. The world we live in has never witnessed such a transformation in such a short time. And what we were all not accustomed became a reality: change is now the natural state of things.

And there is only one alternative, or we get ahead of these transformations, being forerunners, investing in innovation, creating tendencies... or we will be one more in the middle of this huge crowd.



From Chef's kitchen, to your table. Apptite is the 1st Brazilian food marketplace, connecting consumers to chefs and cooks nearby. Discover the talents that make the best food in your area.


First crypto currency platform to integrate multiple brokers. It was carefully developed to meet the highest standards of security and technology.


Bicos is a digital, innovative platform created to sort out most household common issues. It connects customers and small service providers such as plumbers, carpenters, dogwalkers and many others, quickly and safely.


Estagiários Online is a digital platform that connects university students looking for their ideal internships to companies offering suitable positions, and aids the latter with the steps of hiring interns. Through 100% automated processes and exclusive resources, companies save time and money, and reduce their costs by up to 60% compared to traditional processes of the market.


Exclusive network which gathers the best professionals on software development, design, project management and business analysis in Brazil, to help companies create their own software teams or to expand the technical capacity of their local teams.


Dr. Sintomas is a symptoms analysis platform, helping users to consult frequent doubts in regards of health issues as well as providing a clinical picture .


Crowdfunding Equity Platform. StartMeUp makes it simple for you to invest in innovative companies.

Dr. Cannabis

Dr. Cannabis is a pioneer technology platform in Brazil connecting patients, doctors, law professionals and suppliers of medical cannabis products. This platform was created to inspire health solutions and enhance welfare of patients, by scheduling medical appointments and offering information about therapies and products. is a recruiting method that encourages current employees to recommend friends and / or acquaintances for a specific jobvacancy and, if the recommended candidate is hired, a financial reward will be given to those who helped on the recommendation.

Super Câmbio

A channel to provide the best choice when buying foreign currency. Through SuperCâmbio website, customers search exchange rates in the best companies as well as make their request.


(In Progress) Bsocial aims to agilize and simplify donations in an extremely safe and transparent manner, as well as providing the possibility for ONGs and institutions to create social causes to receive contributions from users of the platform.


(In Progress) Is a digital management platform of diabetes, developed not only to facilitate patients’ day-by-day, but also to get them closer to a multidisciplinary team that helps enhancing control, well-being and quality of life of those living with that condition.


Jober is an online employment solution that finds, stores and organizes job openings from the most diverse sources on the internet.


PinMySpot is an augmented reality application for promotional marketing. It allows companies to create promotions and campaigns in which users can get rewards and discounts.


Artificial intelligence platform used to help saving money on grocery shopping through a robot that identifies all the existing promotions in the supermarket you want.


(In Progress) Smartrade é uma plataforma P2P de social trading, onde usuários podem trocar informações, trades, estratégias e experiências, e copiá-los dos melhores operadores e investidores do mercado financeiro local.

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Cue®, a technology company creating consumer health products, today introduced Cue, a revolutionary device for tracking health information at the molecular level.


The Nebia Spa Shower was designed to conserve water - up to 70% per use - while delivering an entirely new cleansing experience.

Finless Foods

Finless Foods is an early-stage biotechnology company whose mission is to develop and mass manufacture pioneering marine animal food products for human consumption.


Vitagene is the leading platform for personalized health and wellness products. It offers the most comprehensive and affordable ancestry, health, and wellness DNA test. Vitagene goes beyond an average ancestry test to provide tailored action plan based on consumers’ genetic makeup and other factors that impact their health

Forever Labs

Forever Labs collects and stores your stem cells today, while they are young and viable, to be used later in life when you need them most.

Occamz Razor

OccamzRazor is an AI-driven neuroscience company. Our product RAZOR uses deep learning to extract information from publications and various other data sources for universal analysis via bioinformatics frameworks.

Our Team


Marcos Botelho


Founder and CEO of Pague Amigo, Marcos Botelho is a technology enthusiast with 20 years of experience in the communications market. He was the founder of Media Agency (2001) and Elemídia Mall (2008), where he had Roberto Justus, After the sale of the two companies to the group Abril (2010) and spend a few years in April as Commercial Director, Botelho returned to undertake in 2014, idealizing and founding the platforms Bicos Online and Trainees Online.


Andre Martins


Andre Martins has been President of VB since April 2000. He holds a degree in Business Administration from Fundação Álvares Penteado (FAAP), with specialization courses at INSEAD in France and the Fundação Dom Cabral in Minas Gerais, André Martins was President of Lide Young, a group of young executives and entrepreneurs, until December 2013 and is a member of the Business Council of the Ayrton Senna Institute. In addition, André has been a star investor since 2008, investing in companies such as Contact Point, Fintech ContaUm, PetiteBox and co-founded SuperJobs Ventures.


Catharina Gaissler

Portfolio Manager

With 6 years of experience in the Brazilian Marketing and Communication market, Catharina worked for 4 years as Director of Marketing and Operations Management at the Brazilian Construction Company Gaissler & Solon LTDA. Later, on the idea of bringing a scalable idea to Latin America, she became a partner and General Manager in Brazil of the hospitality startup in New York Host Lifestyle Group, developing strategies for capturing and partnering with large groups in the country.


Eriane Vila Nova

Product and Planner

Graduated in Advertising Production from Anhembi Morumbi University, Eriane worked in the Financial Management sector of Banco Indusval & Partners in Brazil. Moving to the Communication sector, he has accumulated 3 years of experience in the Project Management and Quality Assurance sector at the Urban Summer Advertising Agency.